Volans House

Head of House: Miss L Patrick
House Colour: Yellow
Named after the Constellation of Volans
Location: Southern Hemisphere
Right Ascension: 8
Declination: +70° Symbolism: The Flying Fish

Volans is a constellation in the southern sky. It represents a flying fish; its name is a shortened form of its original name, Piscis Volans.

Volans represents a type of tropical fish that can jump out of the water and glide through the air on wings.

Flying fish are powerful, they're good at defending themselves and they're graceful. Flying fish are intelligent, although they may not be predators like whales (Cetus) and Swordfish (Dorado), by becoming airborne, flying fish outsmart their predators and environment. We can outsmart our competition!

Volans House is set up in the same manner as all of the other Houses, with each of the four house groups containing a selection of students from across the five year groups. This helps to encourage all of the different year groups to mix, and certainly helps our new starters to settle into the Academy. Like all house groups we also have a form prefect assigned to each form whose role is to support the form, particularly new starters, and encourage participation in inter-house events and competitions. The house is led by two house prefects to help Miss Patrick in the running of a successful Volans team.

We are the current Sports Day Champions!

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