Year 7 Examinations


15 October 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Year 7 examinations

Year 7 examinations will commence on Monday 5 November 2018. Examinations in Maths, English and Science will take place in the hall. Examinations in all other subjects will take place in the classroom. There will be a catch up session for students who miss an examination. A copy of the timetable is enclosed.

Please ensure that your son/daughter arrives fully equipped for each examination. Please note equipment for normal lessons should be brought each day. Students must bring their planner every day.

May I remind you that mobile phones and MP3 players are not allowed in examinations. The Examinations Boards are severe in their penalties for students who bring mobile phones into the examination venues.

These examinations are important because they indicate the standard achieved by your son/daughter during Year 7 and give help to inform any subsequent band changes. These results will be reported to you on Friday 30 November 2018.

Please sign your son/daughter's planner on page 30, the Academy/Home Communications page, to indicate you have received this letter.

Yours faithfully

Mr E Hughes-Jones
Vice Principal

Mrs F Green

Enc: Year 7 Examination Timetable November 2018

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