Year 11 Senior Prom 2020

Our Ref: FCG/SJM

19 March 2020

Dear Student and Parent/Carer

Year 11 Senior Prom 2020

I am writing to inform you that, sadly, in light of the national situation, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel the Prom for Year 11 students.

This decision applies to all Tollbar MAT secondary academies, and was taken by all the respective Principals in response to the ongoing Coronavirus situation and in the light of Government advice.

There are a number of reasons for this. Medical and scientific experts are predicting June to potentially be the peak of the outbreak and current Government advice is to avoid clubs and venues where there are close social interactions.

We are conscious that students may be required to pay deposits and, by taking this decision now we are hoping this will avoid you losing money.

I know this will be very disappointing for everyone concerned but we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation. The safety and welfare of our students and staff is of paramount importance and therefore has forced us into making this very difficult decision.

Yours faithfully

Mrs F C Green

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Somercotes Academy Principal

Frances Green

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson