Somercotes Artist's Winning Card Will Represent Tollbar Multi Academy Trust

Somercotes Academy Year 9 student Isobel Russell, who designed the winning Tollbar MAT Christmas Card, receives her Art prize from TMAT Chief Executive, David Hampson.

Hundreds of students were given the opportunity to design a Christmas card to represent Tollbar Multi Academy Trust for the next two years.

Secondary and primary pupils from the MAT's seven academies - Tollbar, Cleethorpes, Somercotes, Louth, Reynolds. Pilgrim and Theddlethorpe - were invited to enter the competition. Winners and runners-up were chosen from each Academy and received Art prizes, with the overall MAT winner seeing their design turned into a Christmas card.

The 2018 winner was Year 9 Somercotes Academy student Isobel Russell. She designed a stunning reindeer card which will now represent the Trust until 2020. "I am so happy to have won," said Isobel, who received her prize from Tollbar Multi Academy Trust Chief Executive, David Hampson.

Mr Hampson said: "This competition always brings out the best in our artists right across the MAT, and I am delighted to be able to present Isobel with her prize, which is very well deserved."

The winner of the Somercotes Academy prize for designing the best card was Year 11 student Georgina Heys, and the runner-up was Charlie McAllister (Year 8).

Isobel's winning card, which will represent the Trust for two years.

Christmas Card Design Competition. Georgina Heys (Year 11) winner of the Somercotes Academy prize.

Christmas Card Design Competition. Charlie McAllister (Year 8) runner-up for the Somercotes Academy prize.

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Somercotes Academy Principal

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Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson