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Popular Sports Clubs Continue To Promote Healthy Bodies And Minds

Year 8 football and netball students take part in After-School Sports Clubs at Somercotes Academy to maintain healthy bodies and minds.

After-School Sports Clubs at Somercotes Academy are promoting healthy bodies and minds during the Covid-19 pandemic. Students, staff and parents are in full support of the clubs, which offer children the opportunity to keep fit in a safe environment.

Chris Prendergast, Curriculum Leader For PE, said: “Despite being in lockdown, we have really continued to push our extra-curricular Sports Clubs. As always, we offer Sports Clubs to all pupils within the Academy, as we truly understand the importance sport and physical activity play in a person’s physical and mental well-being. 

“In these unprecedented times, when a person’s health and fitness levels can put them at risk, it is even more important to be able to continue to offer these opportunities to students whilst remaining in their bubbles to stay safe.

“Our After-School Sports Clubs have always been popular among students within the Academy, and continue to be just as popular. It’s fantastic to have the principal’s and parents’ support to continue to offer this safe, fun and beneficial experience for the students.”

Year 7 footballers on the field at Somercotes Academy.

Year 9 football and netball students play after school in a safe outdoor environment.

Year 10 footballers at the After-School Sports Club.

The Year 7 students in action.

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Somercotes Academy Principal

Frances Green