Music Tuition

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September 2020

Dear Parent / Carer

Re: Music Tuition

Tollbar MAT are now in partnership with MAPAS (North East Lincolnshire: Music and Performing Arts Hub) for all of our music tuition provision. This is a fantastic opportunity for students at Tollbar. Through MAPAS, we are continuing to provide instrumental and vocal tuition of a very high standard. Teachers are professional and active musicians in their own right, who are also accredited and verified by MAPAS.

Currently, we offer the following provision:- Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Voice, Guitar, Drums and Brass. Although this is a thriving tuition programme, we are looking to further develop our remit of instrumental lessons, so if your child is interested in receiving a lesson we do not currently offer, then please contact Miss L Drewery at the Academy.

MAPAS offer varying durations of tuition, all of which are in the curriculum timetable, but are rotated where possible so a student is not absent for the same proportion of a certain lesson each week. MAPAS teach 10 lessons per term across three terms (30 lessons a year).

Additional funding is made available to give the opportunity for funded music tuition for any student who is entitled to the Pupil Premium. This is allocated to address inequalities between children eligible for free school meals and their peers. If you would like further information or would like to take advantage of this opportunity please complete and return the slip below to the academy.

If your son/daughter is interested in any of the lessons we currently offer, then please complete the reply slip provided.

Pricing options per term:

Option Lesson Duration Quality of Lessons Price
1 20 Minute Individual 10 £100
2 30 Minute Individual 10 £150
3 20 Minute Shared 10 £50

Yours faithfully

Mrs F C Green

MAPAS Music Tuition

Student Name:________________________



Lesson Duration:________________________Individual/Shared

I confirm that, where necessary, I will be invoiced for the lesson cost.

My son / daughter is a student for whom the Academy receives Pupil Premium and is entitled to fully subsidised lessons.



Payment does not need to be made until the accredited MAPAS teacher invoices you directly.

Please fill in this form with your child to tell us a little bit more about their musical experiences.

Which instrument(s) do you already play?

Have you taken any grade exams on your instrument?

If you have, which grade are you working on now?

Do you have your own instrument or would you need to borrow one from Somercotes?

Would you like to continue playing this instrument by having lessons at Somercotes or do you have private lessons out of school?

If you wish to learn a new instrument or have singing lessons, which instrument would you like?

Please return this reply slip to Miss L Drewery

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