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Congratulations To Our PE Performers

As a PE Department we are pleased to announce we have chosen our ‘PE Stars of the Half Term’. We are really pleased to have the students back in school being active and involved in PE & Clubs. They deserve congratulations for their hard work, effort & recent success in PE. They are:

KS3 Girl: Emily Chapman 8ML-PF1 ‘Works hard, always bring her kit, great team leader’.

KS4 Girl: Lydia Frost 9ML-PF2 ‘Always brings kit, willing to help with equipment week in, week out and puts lots effort into lessons’.

KS3 Boy: Joe Davey 7CS-PM1 ‘Attends Badminton club regularly and tries so hard’.

KS4 Boy: Luke Motson 9CS-PM1 ‘Exemplary effort and attitude towards PE. Keen to learn and engage, a really positive pupil’.

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