Bishop Grosseteste University – 22 May 2020

Our ref: FCG/EHJ/SJM

6 February 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Bishop Grosseteste University – 22 May 2020

To help promote the benefits of Higher Education a maximum of 30 Year 9 students have been invited to attend Bishop Grosseteste University for the day. During the day students will attend tailored lectures and experience a tour of the campus.

The visit will take place on Friday 22 May 2020.

For the visit, we will be leaving Somercotes Academy at 8.45am and will return to the Academy by 3:00pm. This means that your child’s usual method of transport to and from the Academy will not be affected.

For the visit, students will be required to follow the Academy dress code. This includes wearing full Academy uniform, no make-up and normal footwear. Additionally, students will require a packed lunch as there will be no opportunity to purchase food on the visit. Students who receive a free school meal will be provided with a packed lunch for the visit.

Please return the consent slip and medical form to Mr Hughes-Jones by the deadline of Friday 20 March 2020. Due to the limited spaces, places on this visit will be restricted to a first come first served basis.

Yours faithfully

Mr E Hughes-Jones
CL Science

Mrs F C Green

Reply Slip: Bishop Grosseteste University – 22 May 2020

I give permission for my child ___________________________________________________________to attend the visit on Friday 22 May 2020.

Signed: ___________________________________________________________Parent / Carer

Date: ___________________________________________________________

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