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Leaders’ Elections Give Students A Voice

Newly-elected Student Leaders, Gabrielle Jeffrey and Aiden Finch (left) with Somercotes Academy Principal, Frances Green, and Deputy Student Leaders, Harry Jacklin and Amelia Donner (right).

Two new Year 11 Student Leaders and two Deputies have been elected to represent students at Somercotes Academy.

Following a poll involving the entire academy community, Aiden Finch and Gabrielle Jeffrey were elected alongside Deputies Harry Jacklin and Amelia Donner to represent their colleagues for the academic year. The students had to make a video presentation which was shown to every Form Group before voting began.

Aiden Finch said: “We now have responsibility for making sure that the voices of other students are heard and that we pass on their views to staff.”

Speaking of the election process, Gabrielle said: “At first I found the video presentation scary but I just practised at home and realised that If I went wrong I could just start again. I wanted to be a Student Leader to help people and make sure that everyone gets along well and has the best time while they are here.”

Frances Green, Principal of Somercotes Academy, said staff wanted to give students a greater say in what goes on at their school. “We want to empower the students by giving them a voice to inspire them to take greater ownership of their school and promote pride and enthusiasm in making it the very best it can be.

“I am delighted to congratulate Aiden and Gabrielle, and Harry and Amelia, and look forward to hearing some great new ideas from them which will benefit the Academy.”

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Somercotes Academy Principal

Frances Green