It is important to prepare students for studies beyond their GCSE's. Here at Somercotes Academy, there is a programme of activities in place to help prepare our students for Post-16 education.

Below is a brief outline of activities:

Year 8
An independent careers adviser works with all year 8 students to help choose the right GCSE's for their future careers.

Year 9
Students complete a "Careers and Future Choice" module as part of their Citizenship lessons.

Year 10
Students have their first one to one appointment with an independent careers adviser. Students complete a "Careers and the Next Step" module in the Summer term.

Year 11
Students have a second careers appointment with an independent careers adviser. (Pupil premium students will have a third appointment). In the Autumn Term, students will be provided lesson time to plan and apply for Post-16 education.

At the Academy we welcome visitors to the academy to discuss Post-16 options with our students. Below are some of the visitors that were welcomed to the academy in 2017/2018 :


Year Group Visited

Tollbar MAT Sixth Form

Yr 11

Grimsby Institute

Yr 11

Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge For Schools Project (ASK)

Yr 10

Bishop Grosseteste University Student Ambassadors

Yr 9 & Yr 10

Discovery Workshop - An engaging and fun introduction to students who may be encountering careers education for the first time

Yr 9

LincHigher Careers Bus - Looking at Post-16 provision locally

Yr10 & Yr9

Students will have the opportunity to visit Post-16 providers throughout the academic year.

The effectiveness of the provision will be evaluated through the Kirkland Rowell Survey by canvassing the opinions of students and parents. The Academy will collate information on student's destinations once they have completed their GCSE's.

In accordance with TMAT policy, staff will evaluate and refine schemes of work throughout the academic year.

How does Somercotes Academy achieve the Gatsby Standards?

  1. Somercotes Academy provides a comprehensive careers programme for students covering a range of post 16 options that has seen an increase in the number of student going into higher education and high level apprenticeships. The programme covers local colleges, Sixth form options at MAT and other schools and Apprenticeships. Students are supported in their careers education by a specialist career advice agency that comes into school once per week for meetings with students on a one to one basis. At risk students are given priority for this service but all year 11 pupils will be seen on numerous occasion before the leave the Academy.
  2. Students have access to the Lincs2 site from Somercotes which has a range of different post 16 application options for them. They also have access to the outside careers agency that liaises with the Head of Citizenship to target students with personalised information required for their needs and aspirations. This also includes personalising conversations for support.
  3. Each pupil will be seen on numerous occasion by an outside agency specialising in careers and post 16 options. Teachers of all years will flag students who they deem to have low aspiration post 16 to the Head of Citizenship/Careers who can then place support such as 1:1 meetings or communication with parents. All pupils will be given support in lessons to complete their Lincs2 application and write a personal statement to assist them in the working world. One concern upon Tollbar MAT arrival at Somercotes in 2015 was low aspirations and this has been addressed through a curriculum in all year groups. Specialist support is given to SEN, disadvantaged students and those who present with concerns.
  4. All years have a curriculum that pushes high aspirations and promotes post 16 and career options. Careers are explained to students so each has an understanding of what their options are and what they may desire to explore more upon leaving Somercotes Academy.
  5. All years have access to a range of careers experiences through speakers visiting the academy and speaking of their experiences.
  6. Students have a range of experiences of post-16 educations, for example they visit Grimsby Institute, Tollbar Sixth Form and other providers in the local area. A range of speakers visit the academy in a number of years. For example the RAF speak to lower school students about their range of career options.
  7. Somercotes Academy is part of the Tollbar MAT giving the students excellent access to higher education providers. Sixth Form leadership teachers from across the Tollbar MAT regularly visit Somercotes to provide up to date information on the higher education opportunities available in the MAT. University options are discussed within lessons as is the applications process for further and higher education.
  8. Guidance to the students is highly personalised with students each being seen on a 1:1 basis by both their class teacher and outside careers agencies making sure they get the right information and support for their own careers development. Lessons are differentiated for pupils so students of all ages and abilities can be taught about careers and aspirations within the area.

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