French GCSE Intervention Support


8 March 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

RE: French GCSE Intervention Support

It has been highlighted that your child would benefit from some targeted intervention with GCSE French.

The Academy has planned a revision package that will be delivered after school on Tuesday from 3.15pm until 4pm. This is in addition to the session currently taking place on Friday. The session will commence on Tuesday 20 March 2018 and continue until the GCSE exams.

We appreciate your support to ensure that your child achieves his/her full potential in the French GCSE course. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs Lee at the Academy.

Yours sincerely

Mrs F Lee
Curriculum Leader

Mrs C Yates

Please return to Mrs Lee, Curriculum Leader for Modern Foreign Languages

Year 11 Intervention Support

NAME: __________________________________________________________________

I acknowledge receipt of your letter.

  • My child will be attending French intervention sessions on Tuesdays.
  • My child will not be attending French intervention sessions.

Signed: ________________________________________________ (Parent/Carer)

Date: _______________________________

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