Assemblies Celebrate House Success

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Somercotes Academy Celebration Assembly for Cetus House, with Head of House Andrew Langridge (right) and Vice Principal Michelle Hammond (left).

Celebration assemblies have taken place to recognise individual achievements and the collective efforts of each House. The students families were invited into the academy to join in with the celebrations. This year's overall Winning House was Dorado, with Cetus in second place, and Dorado third.

Year 10 student Amber Aziz said: "It is really nice to see family in school. I have been here since Year 7 and there have been a lot of changes for the better. Teaching standards have definitely improved."

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Somercotes Academy Celebration Asembly for Cetus House. Amber Aziz (Year 10) with her family (l-r) Hannah (sister), Mum Taswar, Aisha (aunt), and Imah Aziz (sister).

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Somercotes Academy Principal

Caroline L Yates
BA (Hons).

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson